Hairdressing and Beauty College

The best hairdressing and beauty college 

Hairdressing and beauty college in Nairobi and Makindu. Carenic Professional Hairdressing and Beauty College is accredited by the Government of Kenya to provide WORLD CLASS training in Cosmetology.

Our courses include, hair dressing, beauty therapy, makeup, nail technology, massage, waxing and salon management. We offer comprehensive courses at diploma and certificate levels.

For example, our courses  will allow you to work in different types of hair and beauty fields anywhere in the world.

National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) exams

Carenic college is registered with the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) and therefore we provide NITA exams as well as college exams.

The best instructors

Our instructors are are highly qualified, and most importantly, they have passion for excellence.


Hairdressing and beauty college in Kenya with a difference, we leave no one behind, because we value people from all backgrounds. We offer students an opportunity for a promising and prosperous future in the world of Cosmetology.

Our drive

Our drive is to train students to achieve high level of excellence, therefore, we provide the best training in Hair dressing and beauty in Kenya.

We strive for equality and diversity. Therefore,  we promote students participation, creativity and more so, we respond positively to new ideas.  This improves learning, participation and performance. Besides, it ensures success for all learners.

Welcome Note from the College Management 

The management welcomes esteemed students and prospective learners to our prestigious college, therefore, we look forward to a training with you.

College Scholarships

We provide scholarships to needy students who have outstanding qualifications to study Hairdressing and beauty in our college. Based on the needy of each case, we will asses the deserving cases and where required, support with financial support, either partially or otherwise depending on availability of resources and in a first -come -first serve basis.

For more details on scholarships, write to us on: