School of Hair dressing

Are you planning to become a professional Hair dresser or hairstylist? you have found the best school of hair dressing in Kenya.

Many people place more trust in their hairstylists than they do in anyone else. Not only do women rely on hairdressers to keep their tresses looking great, but they also confide the most intimate details of their lives to these shear-wielding pros.

For students who are interested in becoming a professional hair dresser and have a good sense of style, excellent manual dexterity, and great interpersonal skills, this can be a great career choice. But first, you will have to learn the technical skills needed to do this job which includes cutting, coloring, bleaching, and styling hair.

What do I Have to do to become a professional Hair stylist?

  • Going to Cosmetology School

If you want to work as a professional hair stylist in Kenya, you will have to attend a cosmetology program that has been approved by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA). A Diploma in Hair Dressing or a Certificate in Hair Dressing course will be the best starting for you.

Here are some courses you should expect to take:

Course Units:

  1. Sanitation and sterilization
  2. Hair cutting and shaping
  3. Hair analysis
  4. Hair and scalp disorders and diseases
  5. Texturizing
  6. Hair extensions
  7. Color methods
  8. Permanent Waving
  9. Relaxing
  10. Trichology
  11. Haircare and evaluation
  12. Draping, shampooing and scalp massage
  13. Sculpture, – Hair cutting both for men and women
  14. Chemical reformation (Hair relaxing and perming)
  15. Hair coloring
  16. Braiding and weaving
  17. Scalp and Hair disorders
  18. Bridal styling and hair gelling
  • Continuous Training

A hair stylist’s professional development doesn’t end with the initial training he or she receives. To keep up with current trends, you will have to continue to take courses throughout your career.

  1. Refresher courses in Hair dressing offered