Nail Technology

Nail Technology Course

Nail technology course covers the science and anatomy of nails, the skills, techniques, tools, and products used to treat and take care of nails and make them look beautiful.

This field involves treatments for fingernails, hands, toenails, and feet and is typically divided into manicures for hands and pedicures for feet.

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By the end of the Nail Technology course, you will be able to open your nail salon and gain the skills you need to become a good nail technician and be able to work on hand nails, hand massage, application of nail polish, nail enhancements, gel and wraps among others.

In addition, you will learn attitude tips and personal skills such as safety in the workplace, a good sense of style, a strong sense of humor, creativity, and customer relations.


Upon completion, learners will be awarded a Certificate in Nail Technology and join one of the highly-paying service professions and a fast-growing field in Kenya today.

Certificate in Nail Technology

The Certificate in Nail Technology course provides learners with more in-depth skills and knowledge in Nails.

Course duration: 3 months