How much does it cost to do Full Cosmetology Course?

Posted On April 26, 2020

The cost of cosmetology course in Kenya is not constant. Many learners are wondering what the reasonable cost of would be for pursuing a Cosmetology courses such as beauty therapy, Hairdressing and others.

Carenic Professional Hairdressing and beauty College tried to answer the above question which been in many people’s minds for some time now. Without a previous research, answers to the question are non-existent.

In this regard, Carenic Professional Hairdressing and Beauty College undertook a study to establish the range of fees charged by various cosmetology institutions, as well as the duration of trainings and course content.

The cost of attending full cosmetology from an accredited cosmetology school in Kenya varies from one training college to another. According to a study carried by Carenic Professional Hairdressing and Beauty College in 2020, the total cost of pursuing a full cosmetology course range between Kshs. 6,000 and Kshs. 15,000 per month, on average. Others even charge higher amounts.

The study also looked into the range of other hidden costs that learners never get to learn until they register for courses. Some of them include – equipment user fees, text books, caution money and attachment fees.  While the items and fees charged beside varied from institution to institution, the amounts found most students feeling cheated as the costs are never made clear during the registration process.

Another cost factor considered in the study was the duration it takes to finish the full course. This varied from 6 months to 24 months. In some colleges the duration was prolonged unnecessarily making learners to continue paying fees while in others the duration is so squeezed, leaving little time to cover the necessary course content and because learners have not been informed of the course content, the end up getting less value for their money.

The diverse charges and duration for the completion of the course shows the extent to which learners are left without advice when choosing the right institution to study a cosmetology course.

Speak to the Experts

While we cannot assign any judgement as to whether the other colleges charges are reasonable or not, at least we can assure you that the quality of courses offered in most colleges is questionable.

The study established glaring variations and obviously poor-quality training and unnecessarily high fee charges in many training institutions. We caution prospective learners to be awake and conscious of the quality, duration of courses, and other hidden costs.

Based on the results from the study, Carenic Professional Hairdressing and Beauty College has stepped in to provide professional advice to prospective Cosmetology students regardless of whether they want to join us or not.

What Carenic Professional Hairdressing and Beauty College offers

At Carenic College we have ensured that the courses we deliver is quality fits with the modern technologies in Cosmetology.

Our Full Cosmetology Fees  

From the study, we have revamped our course package and created a competency-based curriculum that ensures that our fees reasonable, and that the curriculum offered is comprehensive, guaranteeing quality training in Modern Cosmetology.

Research-driven Curriculum: The field of cosmetology is rapidly evolving with new technologies coming up every day. Do not be stuck with old school. Our training is dynamic and is guided by constant market research on emerging technologies and teaching method to ensure that our learners acquire the most up-to-date techniques and are able to work anywhere in the world.

Modern facilities

We train with modern and state of the art equipment, with spacious classrooms with each student having adequate access to needed training facilities.

Students at work
Career Placement and advice

We offer career advice and assist graduates in finding the right opportunities to apply the talent acquired at Carenic Professional Hair Dressing and Beauty College.


We are accredited by the Kenya Technical Vocational and Educational Training Authority (TVETA) to Cosmetology courses. Our Students can register for KNEC, National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) /Government of Kenya certification or City & Guilds Accreditation.

Highly qualified Trainers

Our training staff are highly trained to offer professional and personalized training opportunities. The Full Cosmetology Diploma will permit you to work in any type of cosmetology business anywhere in the world, from a salon to a cruise ship.

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